Current Issues

Vaughn is passionate about many issues we face. These are obviously not the only issues, and Vaughn plans to continue investigating what the citizens consider important issues. However, this list does encompass most of what he has already been discussing with the citizens of Brunswick. It is Vaughn’s plan to continue communicating with all citizens and finding out where they stand and what their ideas are. Vaughn is a firm believer in a city or town being run with its constituent’s thoughts as a primary driver.

Local Small Business

Businesses are an integral part of the strength and appearance of our town. Local business owners need support and guidance. Vaughn was a small business owner and understands the complexities that come with owning your own business. Vaughn believes that the city needs to spend more time, effort, and funds supporting local businesses, owners, and employees.


Crime is on the rise in towns and cities across our great nation. Vaughn believes it is imperative that Brunswick stays ahead of the curve on crime and ensures that our police force is properly equipped to handle rising criminal activity. Also, Vaughn is a proponent of the national neighborhood watch program and is the watch coordinator for Galyn Manor. Vaughn already works with the city police department and Frederick Sheriff’s Office and he plans to ramp up those efforts as a council member.

Increasing community awareness and improving the town’s outdated camera system are all part of Vaughn’s plan to fight crime.


This is truly Vaughn’s bailiwick. Hiking, biking, running, and skateboarding the streets of Brunswick and the surrounding area is Vaughn’s passion. Actually, Vaughn is committed to healthy lifestyle, fitness, and positive outlook. All of this is encompassed in recreation. Vaughn has long been a proponent of recreation in Brunswick and it’s local area. He serves as president of the Bike Brunswick group and leads the Brunswick Skatepark group. As soon as Vaughn is on the Brunswick Council, he plans to connect with the Brunswick Area Recreation Council (BARC) and find out ways to help even more!

Passing the torch, Vaughn shares his hobbies and passion with his kids, neighbors, friends, and anyone who digs playing outdoors.
Recreation is not the end-all-be-all, but it is certainly important. And, perhaps most important is including our town teenagers and children in the ideas and thought process. After all, they will get the most out of Brunswick’s recreation!
Maryland Heights

City Departments

City departments and their leadership is a key component to accomplishing the goals we have for our town. Vaughn works closely with some of the departments already, and he plans to increase his communication to include all departments. Also, Vaughn is always looking to see way to improve existing and/or add departments as needed. A well-oiled machine is Vaughn’s mission when it comes to city departments!


Vaughn does not think there is a need for additional parking. The town has more than ample parking for five times the amount of visitors. Walking “Main Street” should be something that folks enjoy doing. Also, that people come to do from all over the area. That said, Vaughn believes there is a problem with the parking meters and the fees associated with breaking this rule. According to Vaughn, a $5 fine is less than a slap on the wrist and actually encourages people to break the rules and simply park for as long as they like and without putting money in the meter. Along with fixing parking fines, Vaughn is also researching utilizing an online service and mobile app that can manage parking meter fees.


You may or may not be aware that heroine use is skyrocketing, and Brunswick is being affected by this national emergency. More than 50,000 people died from heroine overdose last year. That is nearly six people each hour!!! Vaughn believes this is not only a battle worth fighting, but one we can win. Raising awareness and police presence is an obvious solution, but it will also include citizens stepping forward and being a part of the solution.

Vaughn is not a fan of simply arresting and throwing addicts into the prison system where they will become more hardened criminals. Instead, he supports getting addicts help and support. Vaughn’s stance is firm and swift when it comes to dealing with the drug dealers where he feels the root of the problem lies. He is also closely connected to this epidemic as a hemophiliac and seeing many painkillers that lead people down the dark path of addiction. For this reason, Vaughn believes this problem is also due to prescriptions, drug companies, insurance, and doctors. His passion is continuing to investigate this spiral and looking for ways to help. It’s time we move past our paradigms and find new ways to curb this epidemic. Heroine and other hard drugs are begging for out-of-the-box solutions! With Vaughn’s help, Brunswick will lead the charge!

C&O Canal

Vaughn rides the entire length of the C&O Canal every year. He feels that it is not only an excellent source of new and returning visitors, but also an excellent place for locals to enjoy themselves. Many towns and cities along the Canal have made stopping at their location an exciting thing for riders, walkers, and joggers. Vaughn believes that Brunswick can do more and will work closely to see what improvements we can make.
Train Station


Vaughn is interested in using current city income and finding new creative ways to boost the economy. Creating jobs and businesses is his number one priority. The economy of Brunswick is the lifeblood of downtown success. And, with a thriving economy, we will ensure that our legacy is left for generations to come!


This one is not complicated. People walk places and need a safe environment to do that. There is no excuse for broken down or missing sidewalks. Vaughn Will work diligently to make sure that we have safe walking areas throughout the town and also that the impact and cost will be fair for everyone involved.

Let’s pave the way!


Downtown Brunswick was thriving decades ago. It seems to be struggling more recently. Vaughn is planning to invest much of his efforts on restoring the excitement of people to visit downtown. People love traveling to fun and inspirational places. There is no reason that Brunswick can’t be just that! Vaughn will work diligently with Brunswick Main Street to ensure that they are getting access to everything they need to make the downtown area GREAT!

Fund Surplus

The town obviously should be running with a surplus, but it is also important to tackle necessary improvements. This is a tricky balancing act and Vaughn is looking forward to helping to perfect this balance. One of Vaughn’s tenets is having a balanced budget and meticulously tracking how funds are used.


Vaughn does not intend to push growing Brunswick into a small city. He moved his family here for the small town feel and charm. He does however, believe in growing the infrastructure, businesses, community parks, and other areas to not only continue making Brunswick sustainable but also thriving! Growth does not have to be population to improve a town. Building upon already established businesses and adding to additional ones will provide massive growth without extending our boundaries or adding to our citizenry. This kind of growth will empower the citizens of Brunswick!

Water Supply System

Flint, Michigan is not the only city with extreme water issues. All over the country our outdated and failing systems are becoming a huge infrastructure issue. Vaughn follows bills like the Sustainable Water Infrastructure Investment Act of 2016 (S. 2606) to see what we are doing to improve the water quality and safety. He would like to bring this type of research to our town.


This is an obvious issue that will appear again with the recent implementation by several nearby towns. Whether you agree or not, we should do our due diligence and carefully investigate this. Vaughn has not picked sides on this issue and is looking to community members to help him better understand both sides and how the majority feels.


“Pay As You Throw” was brought up and then voted down. Therefore, Vaughn doesn’t see this an an issue. However, if it comes up again, Vaughn promises to collect as much information as possible and poll the citizens to find out where they stand. It is Vaughn’s belief that everyone who lives in Brunswick has a responsibility of putting in their two cents. Trash is no different.