Integrity. Transparency. Citizens of Brunswick.

As the motto above says, Vaughn Ripley stands for integrity, transparency, and the citizens of Brunswick, Maryland.

  • Integrity does not only mean honesty, but also having strong moral principals. Vaughn Ripley is an old fashioned man who believes in honor and chivalry and his campaign is based entirely around this. When he is elected to City Council, Vaughn will bring his powerful integrity and moral compass with him and share it with everyone.
  • Transparency of the government is something that has been needed for some time and Brunswick is no different. This transparency must be two-way between the citizens and the council. We need more openness and communication that shares thoughts, ideas, and changes. This communication should cover many channels (news, newspaper, printed information, media, social media, online, group events, and walking around chatting in person) that make it accessible by all.
  • The Citizens of Brunswick are the primary reason that the mayor and council exist. The mission of the Brunswick council should be to serve the citizens and make sure that their thoughts, ideas, complaints, and feelings are not only understood, but acted upon. Vaughn does not consider himself a politician and never will. Rather, he calls himself a servant of the people, by the people, for the people.

While Vaughn truly believes that Brunswick is doing fine and heading down a good path… He also believes in kaizen. That is to say: There is always room for improvement, and the sure way to improve is through small, incremental changes on a daily basis. These are some of the important issues that Vaughn is looking forward to tackling while on the City Council:

  • Local Small Business
  • Crime
  • Recreation
  • City Departments
  • Parking
  • Drugs
  • C&O Canal
  • Economy
  • Sidewalks
  • Downtown
  • Fund Surplus
  • Growth
  • Water Supply System
  • Chickens
  • Trash

More than anything, Vaughn believes that everyone should be a part of making Brunswick a better town to live in. He moved his family here back in 2005 to get away from the big city and to settle in a small town that would be a great place to raise a family. Since coming to Brunswick, Vaughn has spent much of his time and energy helping the town and its citizens. He is working with the city to make improvements at the local skatepark, serves as the president of Bike Brunswick, and helps with the River’s Edge trail system by building and maintaining trails.

Family is the most important thing in life to Vaughn. He believes that the local community is a part of his family and they all grow together throughout life. Trinity was just a baby when Vaughn moved his family to Brunswick, Maryland eleven years ago. And, his plan is to watch her grow into a beautiful woman in this wonderful town.
Kristine and Trinity

Vaughn believes in helping everywhere he can. Last winter he used his Jeep to drive nurses to and from the local hospitals. He also drove patients to and from the emergency room. And, he even went out during the heart of the blizzard and rescued people from stuck vehicles, including local firemen by pulling their truck out of a snow drift. He serves his community.


For more detailed information on the issues and where Vaughn stands, please go to his Issues page.